1 month on – a new way of working

We can’t believe that a month has already passed since we last got in touch to share our initial response to the emerging Covid-19 situation. Since then tighter restrictions have been put in place, we are all working from home for the foreseeable future, and life has changed for us all.

Like many companies, Indigo has adapted positively to this new way of working and interacting with our clients, co-consultants and suppliers.  Through the wonders of technology – where would we be without webcams, Zoom and Teams?- we continue our proactive approach to ensure that schemes are designed, decisions are made and projects can progress, as planned.  We are also continuing to provide Landscape and Visual Assessment support to our clients and are in the midst of preparing proofs of evidence for a forthcoming public inquiry.

Even more encouragingly, we are still being asked to submit proposals for new work and are being appointed on new projects. Commissions this week include a residential scheme in Kent requiring detailed hard and soft landscape proposals, and another instruction from Lidl UK to assist with planning conditions for a new supermarket, also, coincidentally, in Kent.

The safety of our employees, clients, co-consultants and the public remains our priority and wherever possible we have identified alternative methods of working that minimise the requirement to travel. Only essential travel is being undertaken, although should a site visit be necessary to allow a critical project to continue, we are following the strict and comprehensive guidance provided by the government and our professional body, the Landscape Institute. This involves preparing a risk assessment for each site visit, with other additional health and safety measures including the use of appropriate PPE.

If, like us, you are still open for business and you have a project where we could help, please get in touch.