Will Dew
CAD Designer / Senior Technician 

BA(Hons) Integrated 3D Design

Will joined Indigo at Christmas 2015 with 14 years’ experience as a 3D designer in architectural and landscape design offices; and is now an integral part of our team.

Will is a talented 3D designer with particular skills in verified photomontages and other forms of visualisation; he provides exceptional support to the team in all aspects of our work. Will has very strong graphic skills; a sharp eye for composition; and a thorough knowledge of detailing.

Will also has overall responsibility for our computer systems, coordinating all aspects of our hardware and software across the office.

Will has two young boys and a self-build project to keep him busy at home; as a consequence he is rarely far from Lego or sawdust, except when he is exploring on his bike.


Lucy Fenwick Office Manager

BA (Hons) History, MBA

Lucy joined Indigo in November 2016 and deals with all aspects of planning and administration within the business.

With a background in financial services Lucy has worked for global investment banks including JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank as well as smaller organisations including independent financial advisers and local charities.

Completing a Masters in Business Administration gave Lucy a solid grounding in the fundamental aspects of management such as human resources, accounting and finance, marketing and operations.  It also gave her the opportunity to develop her strategic analysis skills which she brings to the team along with her great organisational ability.   

Lucy likes to make the most of living in the New Forest and enjoys spending her spare time outdoors with her family.


Chris Bottle Director

BA (Hons) Landscape Architecture; CMLI

One of Indigo’s two founding directors, Chris is a highly experienced landscape architect with a wealth of knowledge in the design and implementation of a wide variety of projects in the education, commercial, health, residential, and leisure sectors. Clients have included schools, health trusts, major retailers, local authorities and residential developers; with many of the schemes being high-profile projects for household names.

Chris is passionate about all aspects of design and has particular technical and horticultural expertise. He is focused on bringing long term benefit to projects through creative and sustainable design which challenges convention. Chris has fully advocated this stance on a personal level by recently designing and building a low-carbon home for his family, employing non-standard construction methods.

Outside work Chris has many other interests including enjoying time with his family, walking the dogs and driving and restoring classic cars. He’s still hoping to get out on the race track in one, someday…


Landscape Architect / Senior Landscape Architect

Although these are unprecedented times, we still have a great opportunity for a talented landscape architect to join our team.  If you’re enthusiastic and proactive, have at least 4 years’ experience along with excellent design flair and creativity, and preferably have some experience managing projects then we’d really love to hear from you.

The position represents an excellent long term career opportunity.  For more information about us and the position please have a look at the link above.


Mary Lister
Landscape Architect 

BSc(Hons) Landscape Architecture; MA Landscape Architecture

Mary joined the team in September 2017 having recently graduated with a first class honours degree in Landscape Architecture.

Mary enjoys all aspects of the profession however she is especially interested in site analysis and Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments.  She has experience in large and small scale masterplanning, detailed design and planting plans, but her skillset is broadening every day.  Mary loves computer aided design but isn’t afraid of good old pencil and paper!

Outside work, Mary is a keen animal lover spending time with her four dogs and horse riding.  When she gets tired she is partial to a good knitting session and is on her third scarf of the season.


Helen Crome
Consultant Landscape Architect 

BSc (Hons) Environmental Sciences; MA Landscape Design: CMLI

Helen joined Indigo in spring 2018 and now works as a consultant, bringing with her a passion for the creative, and experience of design and delivery of a wide range of schemes.  Previous project experience includes urban design, residential, leisure, educational and retail developments.

With particular interest in conservation, the environment and art, Helen is especially interested in sustainability and seeks balance in all things.

Helen enjoys the great outdoors, quality time with family, dance, yoga and any opportunities to delve into the art scene.  She is inspired by good craftsmanship and relishes the opportunity to learn new skills.

Helen continues to broaden her knowledge in permaculture and sustainable living and intends to one day build a low energy home.


Emma Stafford
Senior Landscape Architect

BA(Hons) Landscape Architecture

Emma joined the team in August 2021 after a 15-year Landscape Architecture career in the Middle East. Her experience included large scale commercial projects, city planning, educational campus, aviation and ground transport facilities and residential projects.

Emma’s key skills include large scale master planning of mixed-use developments, construction detailing and site supervision.

Emma is interested in history, enjoys wandering castles, châteaux, and religious buildings. With her extensive world travels, Emma enjoys immersing herself in alternative cultures and enjoying local cuisines.


Fiona Sharman
Consultant Landscape Architect

BSc (Hons) PGDip CMLI

Fiona joined Indigo in summer 2018 and now works as a Consultant, she previously managed the landscape team at Ecotricity, with responsibility for producing LVIAs for renewable energy projects including wind farms, solar parks and anaerobic digestion facilities.

Fiona has over 20 years’ experience as a landscape planner and designer across the public and private sectors and has managed and successfully delivered complex and diverse landscape projects. Her masterplanning background includes Strategic and Green Infrastructure planning, highways schemes and urban regeneration of neighbourhoods and parks. Fiona also has a thorough understanding of the planning process and policy and has acted as an expert witness for numerous planning appeals. She has extensive experience of public participation and engagement, working with and gaining the trust of neighbourhood partnerships and community groups, to secure funding and realise their vision. 

Fiona likes to take a holistic approach to her work and is motivated by a desire to create sustainable environments that can be economically viable whilst protecting and enhancing the environment and creating a sense of wellbeing. Fiona also plays an active role in the promotion of Landscape Architecture as a profession, mentoring junior staff and giving talks and lectures at universities. 

In her spare time Fiona likes to paint and hang out with all things horse power related; horse riding, grooming her donkeys and motorcycling.



Zeb Hoffman
Associate Landscape Architect 

BLA Landscape Architecture; MSt Interdisciplinary Design; Registered Landscape Architect (US), CMLI

Zeb joined Indigo in the summer of 2014 with a background of 12 years in landscape architecture in the United States where his considerable experience included landscape designs for major corporate and institutional campuses and regional transportation and infrastructure projects; as well as the masterplanning of large scale mixed-use projects.

Zeb brings key skills in design and 3D modelling to the team and is involved across all areas of our practice including the writing of Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments; large and small scale masterplanning; the design of private estates; and work on public realm and education schemes.

Zeb is interested in all things creative and is passionate about getting the best out of every scheme.  In his spare time he enjoys striking out to explore the British countryside and can often be found with his Kindle or a good book to hand.


Mark Gibbins Director

BA (Hons) Landscape Architecture; CMLI

A founding director at Indigo, Mark has considerable experience in all aspects of landscape architecture and a broad view of the industry.

He has designed and implemented major design projects in the UK and abroad in the urban realm, commercial, retail, leisure and development marketplaces; and has acted for clients including international NGOs, government bodies and private organisations.

Mark also has particularly strong experience of preparing Landscape / Townscape and Visual Impact Assessments; and has prepared proofs of evidence and acted as expert landscape witness at over a dozen Public Inquiries.

Outside work Mark is a family man with a daughter in primary school; and he enjoys ‘wind in your hair’ outdoor pursuits such as sailing, skiing, paragliding and mountain biking.


Tomasz Walczak
Assistant Landscape Architect 

BSc(Hons) Landscape Architecture

Tomasz joined the team in May 2022 as an Assistant Landscape Architect.

His prior experience includes working at multi-disciplinary companies on national and international projects, as well as practical skills gained from working on site when he was running his own business as a landscape contractor while studying. He has also been part of a team working on garden exhibitions, helping to win Gold Medal awards both at Suffolk Show and Chelsea Flower Show.

Outside of working hours, Tomasz enjoys spending time being active outdoors, including cycling, combat sports, target shooting and partaking in 8th-11th century Viking re-enactment events.


Chris’s two standard Schnauzers spend some of their time monitoring procedures at the office. In their spare time, they are particularly interested in chasing cats, pigeons, rabbits and squirrels (all unsuccessfully), sniffing out new things to eat, playing and sleeping. Photo Andy Biggar