Carbon offsetting through the World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Programme

Through the World Land Trust’s (WLT) Carbon Balanced Programme, we have offset our carbon emissions for our financial year ending 31st March 2023. WLT provide the tools to measure the emissions that we are directly and indirectly responsible for. Our aim is obviously to reduce emissions at source as much as possible but any unavoidable residual emissions we will balance by supporting WLT’s sustainable development projects.

Working with local partners in highly biodiverse areas WLT protects threatened habitats and wildlife and supports communities to develop sustainable livelihoods. Their work includes restoring degraded forests, planting new trees and protecting primary forests referred to as “carbon sinks”. Current projects include expanding the Laguna Grande Reserve in Guatemala by purchasing adjoining land threatened by timber extraction, reforestation projects in Vietnam and funding reserve rangers for the Cuetzalan Cloud Forest Amphibian Sanctuary in Mexico. To learn more about the work of WLT and their partners across the world and to find out how to join their carbon balanced programme visit their website.