Designing a sustainable and green workplace

Indigo is delighted to have teamed up with Barr Gazetas Architects on an office refurbishment at 42 Wigmore St, London.

The project aspires to create a new vibrant, sustainable, and green workplace within the area and the London context. The development proposes to provide a mix of open spaces within the plot, including a courtyard and roof terraces in addition to the office spaces, communal facilities, and infrastructure required to support this type of property.

The development has been conceived as an Eco-friendly, Bio-diverse property set within a larger framework of the major city it is set within, by bringing the space in line with the Urban Greening Factor Guidelines and calculations. A design where, whichever way one looks, one will see a lush landscape with spaces to rest, relax and enjoy. A design where the landscape increases the air quality around it, capturing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. A biophilia design for the internal communal and tenant spaces, aiding with increased productivity and staff’s wellbeing.