New guidance from the Landscape Institute

When you work on an assessment with Indigo you get the benefit of our team’s extensive experience in this field but also the assurance that our approach will be up to date and using the latest guidance from the relevant professional bodies.

The Landscape Institute have recently withdrawn Advice Note 01/11 “Photography and Photomontage in Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment” and replaced it with Technical Guidance Note 06/19 “Visual Representation of Development Proposals”.

This new document is a 60 page publication (with several further appendices) which essentially sets out the latest approach to the presentation of photographs and the preparation of three further levels of increasingly accurate visualisations within Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments.  It’s quite involved, but is something that Indigo have grasped with both hands and have absorbed into our existing office methodologies.

Whilst there is no mention of a transition period in the document itself, the adoption of the new guidance document was recently circulated within an e-mail from the Landscape Institute which stated that “The new Guidance Note should be used for all new commissions although a reasonable grace period will apply.”

At Indigo all new assessments and appraisals from this point onwards will use the new guidance. For assessments we already have in preparation we have contacted clients / planning consultants to discuss the “grace period” and agree a way forward.

For those who are interested the new guidance is available for download at Alternatively get in touch and we will be happy to discuss the changes and how they impact your projects.