Planning approval for a replacement dwelling

Sometimes we find ourselves being asked to assist on a project once it has run into difficulties during the planning process, and this was the case with an application for a replacement dwelling in the Test Valley area of Hampshire.  The initial scheme was for a large house that sat somewhat uncomfortably within the landscape, and following visits to the site and analysis of the landscape, Indigo in collaboration with Atlas Planning Group, opened up a dialogue with the Council to find a way forward for the project.

Working with the client and their architect, Fowler Architecture and Planning, a new design was developed, taking into account our advice that a cluster of buildings with more of a farmhouse character would be more in keeping with the landscape context.  Indigo prepared a Landscape Statement that addressed specific viewpoints and concerns of the Council’s landscape and planning officers and included a 3D massing study which showed how the property and the proposed mitigation would fit into the landscape.

Planning permission was granted in May 2023 and our delighted client was kind enough to recognise our contribution to the process which resulted in a positive outcome.

“Indigo Landscape Architects have been fantastic. They were skyrocketed late into a fairly distressed project which was struggling with landscape issues and overall design and they couldn’t have been more helpful. Indigo guided us through the process and with their help the landscape officer’s position went from a hard “no” to a very positive “yes”. I really don’t think we would have achieved what we wanted to do had we not had Indigo involved with the process.”  Private client – June 2023.