Salisbury Crematorium

Listed building and garden


Salisbury City Council


Salisbury, Wiltshire


Grade II listing

Salisbury Crematorium, recognised as an unusually original example of high quality, post war civic design was listed Grade 11 by English Heritage in 2012. It is one of only two listed post war crematoria in the UK. The landscape setting, designed by eminent landscape architect Brenda Colvin (1897-1981), is similarly recognised as playing a significant part in the overall design composition and was also listed Grade 11 in the national Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest.

Indigo were therefore especially proud to be commissioned to provide landscape advice to update this highly sensitive civic space. Our input included site layout input, detailed hard and soft landscape proposals and successful negotiations with both the planning authority and English Heritage (now Historic England).

Key inputs:

  • Planning & Listed Building Consent
  • Site layout input
  • Hard landscape design
  • Planting design

Key team members:

  • Simpson Hilder Associates – Architecture