Featherstone Primary School



Featherstone Primary School


London Borough of Hounslow

Value of Works:

£450,000.00 (external works)

This project involved a major makeover of the grounds of a PFI school which had been judged to provide poor facilities and opportunities, despite recent construction.

Based upon initial discussions and consultations with the whole school community that were compiled and coordinated by Felicity Robinson from Landscapes Naturally, Indigo’s brief was to explore and develop ideas, creating a wide variety of differing spaces and play areas.

Various options were prepared and the school selected final designs to progress to the construction stage. Life cycle and replacement costs were an especially important consideration with this scheme due of the way it was funded through the PFI system. The implementation of the whole project was phased, with final completion ready for the new academic year in 2016.

Key inputs:

  • Consultation with school community
  • Imaginative concepts
  • Hard landscape design
  • Planting design
  • Play area design
  • Contract administration