UK Plant Health week

It is fair to say that is has slipped many of us by, but this week is the UK’s Plant Health week, in support of 2020 as the United Nations’ International Year of Plant Health. It is perhaps poignant that Covid -19 has shown us just how small the world is and how quickly a disease can spread. What is true for a human contagion is also true for plants. There are diseases out there which, if they are not managed very carefully could become the plant kingdom’s version of coronavirus.

Currently there is a significant potential threat from Xylella fastidiosa, which is perhaps best known for devastating Olive groves in southern Europe. Unfortunately, it is also able to infect a wide range of over 500 other species, including trees and shrubs such as Oak, Elm, Plane, Cherry, Hebe and Lavender. DEFRA are continually and rigorously monitoring the situation although it does mean that there are increasing restrictions on importing plants from nurseries outside the UK. Our approach and specifications of course take full account of DEFRA guidelines, as well as other guidance provided by the Landscape Institute; we all need to do our part in preserving the health of the UK’s flora.

If you would like to know more about our approach to biosecurity, please get in touch.