World Land Trust – Colombia’s Forests of Mist appeal

We continue to support World Land Trust through their Carbon Balancing programme but this month we will also be making a donation to their autumn appeal, Colombia’s Forests of Mist – Protecting the hidden life of Guanacas.

The cloud forests of the tropical Andes are disappearing, Colombia, a country with some of the largest cloud forest areas in Latin America, has only 10-20% of its original cloud forests remaining.  World Land Trust are working with local partner, Fundacion Guanacas, to protect and restore this precious ecosystem and donations to this appeal will enable them to:

• Extend the protected area of land by 181 hectares, leading to the total protection of 1,031 hectares •

• Restore 100 hectares of vital cloud forest habitat by planting 36,500 native tree species between 2023 and 2028 •

• Protect the habitat of 665 species, including 15 threatened species •

• Ensure the health and security of precious water cycles on which wildlife and local human populations depend •

• Offer alternative livelihoods to local communities through ecotourism and conservation jobs •


Between 11th and 25th October any donation to the appeal will be matched to triple its value.  For each new appointment Indigo receives during this period we will make a donation to support the work of World Land Trust and its partners in protecting and restoring the cloud forests of Colombia.